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Not Flesh Nor Feathers – Cherie Priest ****

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(Eden Moore #3)

This is the third, and as-of-this-writing, last book in Cherie Priest’s Eden Moore series. I really like these, and hope that Priest comes back to revisit Eden one of these days!

Eden’s a regular young Southern woman who just happens to be able to see ghosts – and has a bit of a voodoo legacy from her evil great-grandfather. As this story opens, Eden’s trying to get her life together a bit and act like an adult – she’s just agreed to buy a condo at the new development they’re building down by the river.

But then people start warning her: strange thing are going on down by the water’s edge. Homeless people and punk kids have been disappearing. The cops don’t care about a bunch of transients who probably just picked up and left town… but something sinister seems to be going on.

And gradually, absolutely no one can ignore what’s going on, as things escalate into a FEMA-level disaster, with insane flooding, evacuations, and ZOMBIES!

Eden has to figure out what historical event caused this plague of the undead, and to try to lay their souls (and paranormally animated bodies) to rest.


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