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The Bourne Identity – Robert Ludlum ****

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Never seen the movie; figured I’d read the book instead. Never read anything by Ludlum at all, and since he’s sold umpteen billion copies and spawned a posthumous industry, I thought I should see what it’s all about.
I was pleasantly surprised – I enjoyed the book very much. It’s a thriller that keeps you guessing, with lots of twists and turns. I appreciated (especially after reading the execrable ‘The Eight’) that the female lead was an intelligent woman who actually seemed to KNOW about the field that we are told she is an expert in (economics, in this case.)
Yes, there are a lot of Very Unlikely occurrences in this book, and elements that might not stand up to too much detailed analysis. The writing also had a tendency to get a bit much (too many exclamation points!!!) But as a fun, entertaining thriller, it worked very well.

I may buy the sequel, next time I run across a copy in a bargain bin.


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