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Captain Mary, Buccaneer – Jacqueline Church Simonds **

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Went out of my way to get this book because: Pirates! Lady pirates! How can you go wrong?
Well… sadly, you can. Although supposedly a strong woman capable of keeping a rough crew of men under her thumb, ‘Captain Mary’ is pretty much rendered idiotic right from the start by her infatuation with a French doctor she captures. This love affair complicates not only her position of authority, but also the shipmates-with-benefits relationship she has with her first mate.
I’d like to give the book some bonus points for open relationships and interracial relationships treated in a matter-of-fact manner… but.
Overall, the book is just poorly written. The ‘modern’ narration feels awkward and overly straightforward, the sex scenes and the dialogue feel hackneyed (“they made slow, passionate love” “she felt as if his tongue had lightly strummed the strings of her soul” – really?), and the ‘letters’ in the book, written in “18th-century style” completely failed to convince.
Overall, the plot was too romance-oriented for me, and in addition, Captain Mary was, when you come right down to it, a really awful, nasty person who completely did not deserve her unrealistically-tacked-on happy ending.

No reflection on the content of the book but also: godawful cover art.

One extra star for Pirates!


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