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Dragon Haven – Robin Hobb ****

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(Rain Wild Chronicles #2)

A direct continuation of the story started in Dragon Keeper. There’s a little bit of catch-up material at the beginning, but I wouldn’t recommend starting here: it’s not a stand-alone.
In this installment, the dragons plot to get the humans of the Rain Wilds to think it’s their idea to send the dragons away to find the legendary city of Kelsingra, where once graceful, powerful dragons lived in harmony with more-than-human Elderlings.
The handicapped and less-than-lovely dragons set off on this less-than-hopeful quest with a motley assortment of outcast humans; including all the main characters that we met in the first book.
There’s a lot of good, entertaining character development here; we get to know all the dragons as individuals, and the interpersonal drama is attention-grabbing as well.
However, I’m docking it a star for a really jarring, out-of-place and preachy incident of slut-shaming. It was really disappointing and nasty, and can’t really be explained away as being just a character’s perspective.


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