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Stalking Darkness – Lynn Flewelling ***

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Continuing the story of Alec and Seregil…
In this installment, the wizard Nysander discovers that the maleficent magical artifacts discovered by A&S in the first book are part of a necromantic plot by the Plenimarans, who are planning to invade the land of Skala and also, take over the world with evil magic.
Sounds like an excuse for a QUEST! Let’s get some horses and march out…

In addition to Defeating Evil, Alec and Seregil also discover their love for one another, in a very G-rated manner. And various people continue to explain backstory to the innocent Alec in a slightly awkward manner.

Target audience: teenage girls that like pretty gay boys, horses, elves and warrior women. Mercedes Lackey fans?

Yes, I found it entertaining.


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