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Brothers in Arms – Lois McMaster Bujold ****

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(Vorkosigan #5)

Admiral Miles Naismith is back from an extended and successful mission leading the Dendarii mercenaries. Now, at the legendary home planet, Earth, Miles expects to be able to collect six months’ pay (plus expenses) for his fleet, and do some tourism.
Unfortunately, there seems to have been a breakdown in communication regarding the position of his ‘real’ identity as Lord Miles Vorkosigan and his covert work for the Barrayaran Empire. No pay seems to be forthcoming, and he finds himself confined to the embassy. But would Miles obey orders meekly when he hears his men are in trouble? Of course not! He sneaks out and ends up having to concoct a ridiculous cover story about the clone who looks just like him.
Unfortunately for Miles, his wild story doesn’t end up being nearly as far-fetched as he thought it was… and soon he’s in yet another imbroglio of action and politics


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