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The End – Lemony Snicket ***

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(A Series of Unfortunate Events #13)

What, you were expecting answers? I dunno, I wasn’t that surprised that Daniel Handler chose to end this the way he did. I think it’s in line with his sense of humor and his general philosophy. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great artistic choice, but on the other hand, I kind of appreciated it: in real life, you don’t always get a happy ending, you don’t get the answers to all the questions, and not all the mysteries are solved. The whole point is that ‘the End’ is not the end, because there is no ‘end.’ That said, the book as a whole is a mix of refreshing and aggravating. Kind of like life. And hey, it’s not like Lemony Snicket EVER promised you a happy ending. He SAID you should stop reading…


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