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A Creature of Moonlight – Rebecca Hahn *****

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I finished this book last night, and this morning woke up convinced that I had another book by the author on my Kindle: I’d dreamed that I got a targeted ad asking me to buy it; and I was delighted to find out she had another book.
Of, course, she doesn’t, yet. ‘A Creature of Moonlight’ is Hahn’s debut. But that dream does show how much I liked it.

The story is pure fairy tale: a young woman, half-princess, half-fey. She is rumored to be the dragon’s daughter, and her mother was slain for endangering the kingdom.

Exiled to a humble cottage at the edge of a village, along with the former king, she has grown up as the ‘flower girl,’ gardening and selling her wares to curious or sympathetic nobles. But the Woods, and the magic there, always calls to her.

However, as she comes into womanhood, the men of the court begin to show interest in more than just her flowers. Not only is she lovely, but she is also, technically, the heir to the kingdom.

A delicate touch slowly reveals a multi-layered book about decisions, maturity, and the complexity of responsibility.

Highly recommended for all fans of Patricia McKillip, and all timeless fantasy.

Advance copy provided by NetGalley. Thanks to them…


One thought on “A Creature of Moonlight – Rebecca Hahn *****

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