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The City of Ember – Jeanne DuPrau ***

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This is a cute book, but I would’ve liked it better if I were quite a lot younger. It’s an entry into the post-apocalyptic underground-bunker genre, aimed at kids and younger teens.
In a small, poorly-lit city, where no one even remembers the concept of ‘outside,’ 12-year-old Lina is mainly concerned with her new job and her family.

However, the signs are becoming clearer and clearer: Ember’s people are running out of supplies. Soon, the lights may go out for the final time… Lina and her friend Doon run into corruption and mishaps in their quest to find a way out of Ember.

It’s a short book, and ends abruptly, just on the verge of major revelations… (yes, there are sequels).

Not bad, but for adults, I’d recommend the similarly-themed ‘Wool’ over this…


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