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The Sea of Time – PC Hodgell ***

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Seventh in a series, so I can’t say that this is a starting point… I’ve really all of the Kencyrath books with the exception of #5, which I missed somehow… Even for those who’ve been following the story, chronologically, Hodgell’s presentation can get confusing. And here, even chronology is skewed…

We’re still following Jame, as she continues to struggle balancing her studies at the randon college with her ever-increasing extra-curricular responsibilities and powers.

Here, there’s a mission into a city that may be in another time altogether. And wherever Jame goes, it seems trouble follows. The city of Kothifir is caught up in a Change, where all power structures and official posts are turned on their head. And those power structures any all emanate from the Temple that dates to Jame’s peoples’ arrival on this world…

Well, that’s the main (?) plot line. There are quite a few others, There are flashbacks, visions, and segment’s from Jame’s brother Torisen’s POV, where I wasn’t quite sure where or when they quite belonged. This is typical of this series, and fans will not be dismayed.

I like quite a lot of things about Hodgell’s writing – not least the no-holds-barred violence and dark elements which are a bit unusual in this type of story. But at this point I’m not sure that Jame will ever graduate – and not because of any plot on her enemies’ part… it just seems like she’s been in this school for many years!

Advance copy provided by NetGalley – many thanks for the opportunity to follow this series! As always, my opinions are my own.


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