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Night’s Slow Poison – Ann Leckie (short) *****

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Right after finishing ‘Ancillary Justice’ I saw that Leckie had a free story up on, so of course I rushed to read it…

This is set in the same universe, but deals with other concerns and issues altogether. It’s quite different from the novel… but equally good (which makes me excited as all-get-out to read more from Leckie in the future!)

Here, we have a glimpse of other cultures outside the Evil Empire we were introduced to in Ancillary Justice – and get more of an idea of the perspective from outside the Imperial Radch, rather than from the rotten core.

A long-haul trading ship takes on passengers to travel to a planet which has remained free and independent due to its hidden location. One passenger claims that he is seeking long-lost relatives… but in the claustrophobic loneliness of space, secrets will out…


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