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Wicked Lovely – Melissa Marr ***

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It’s a teen romance. If you go into this expecting more than that, you will probably be disappointed. However, as far as teen romances go, this wasn’t bad at all.

Aislinn is a regular teenager – well, except for the fact that she has the Sight – it runs in her family, and her grandmother has brought her up with a healthy caution of the Faerie folk that only she can see. But mostly, she likes hanging out with her friends, and has recently been enjoying a budding romance with her good friend Seth – who is, umm, perfect.
I mean, write a checklist of Things A Cool Teenage Girl Might Want In A Guy, and that is Seth.
He is physically attractive.
He’s also cool and alternative, artsy, with piercings.
He is not too old, but he lives on his own in an awesome place where everyone cool likes to hang out.
He’s sexually experienced, but responsibly disease-free, and lets the girl take the lead, without being pushy.
He is always respectful and supportive, backing Aislinn up no matter what happens.

So, all is groovy, except that the King-in-Waiting of the Summer Court of Faerie, Keenan, has decided that Aislinn is his best choice to become his Queen, which will unlock his powers and incidentally save the Whole World from eternal winter, personified by his overbearing mother, the Winter Queen.

Keenan, of course, is also super-hot, and has the advantage of being able to throw lustful glamours onto people.

So – Aislinn has some difficult decisions to make, as she’s swept further into the world of Faerie…

At this point, I (and most readers, probably) perceived a very, very obvious solution to the dilemma. And said: ‘OK, if the author does not acknowledge this Obvious solution, I’m really going to hate this book.’ But – the obvious solution did turn out to be the actual solution, so I did not hate the book.

It’s a little silly, but it was also quite charming and enjoyable. The romance worked quite well as wish-fulfillment fantasy – which is what romance is all about, after all…


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