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Waistcoats and Weaponry – Gail Carriger ****

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(Finishing School, #3)

A delightful confection.

I really do enjoy these. I did think that the last in the series concentrated a bit heavily on the humor to the detriment of the slightly-rambling plot, but this one, I felt, struck the perfect balance.

Chaos has struck at the top levels of werewolf society, and Sophronia Temminnick’s friend Sideagh wants to be by the side of her Pack. This requires running away from Miss Geraldine’s Finishing School – and of course, her friends are bound to help her.

This ends up involving a hijacked train, a stolen airship, an Engagement Ball, out-of-control mechanical servants, and a plot involving both the nefarious Picklemen and vampires – with a special reappearance by Sophronia’s old nemesis. [not necessarily in that order, and far from being an inclusive list.]

Of course, both the dapper and alluring Lord Felix Mersey, and the charming and dependable (but oh so low-class!) Soap are on hand, and there are developments on the romance front as well…

The book ends on a satisfying note – but with room for plenty more adventures.

It’s often hard for humor to win me over, but Carriger is one of the few humorous authors that I wholeheartedly enjoy. A highly recommended series.

Many, many thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book. As always, my opinions are solely my own.


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