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Crystal Rain – Tobias Buckell ***

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An entertaining, quick-moving sci-fi adventure.
John deBrun suffers from amnesia. He has no idea where he’s from or who he used to be. He was found by the inhabitants of Nanagada, descendants of Caribbean emigrants, and taken into their community. After time, he has made a rewarding life for himself, married a woman that he loves and had a son.

Do you think this peace and happiness is going to last? (All together now: “NO!”)

Soon enough, it’s discovered that the brutal and warlike Azteca have tunneled under the mountain range separating their territory from those of the Caribbean-style people. Invasion is imminent.

And suddenly, everyone seems to be interested in John deBrun. An Aztec double-agent wants to kidnap and torture him. Alien ‘gods’ known as Loa and Teotl, also imply that he’s important. And then, the cyber-soldier Pepper shows up, claiming that he knows deBrun from a time back in his forgotten past.

Chaos is about to erupt…

OK, I can suspend disbelief to accept that Caribbean emigrants might preserve elements of their culture, as described here, for hundreds of years. However, there’s absolutely no explanation provided here as to where the Aztecs (neo-Aztecs?) came from. That made me go “Hmm.” (I felt the same way when reading the sequel to this book, Ragamuffin, which I accidentally read first).
The amnesia plot element is a bit played out.

Still, it’s a fun and enjoyable story.


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