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Marked – Sarah Fine ***

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I picked this up because I was curious about this whole “new adult” genre. I think that this was the first book I’ve read to be marketed under that category. And – it was pretty much what I expected: occasional explicit sex scenes mixed in with the tropes popular in YA today.

Eli and his sister Galena have managed to get out of the desolate wasteland that is a near-future Pittsburgh. They’ve both got jobs in Boston – which is better-off than much of the US, but still pretty dystopic. Galena is a brilliant bio-researcher, who’s snagged a position at Harvard. Eli is a paramedic, and ready to get down to business saving lives.
However, his new partner, Cacy, is distractingly sexy – AND intimately connected with the most wealthy and powerful family in Boston. And that’s just what Eli knows. What he doesn’t know is that she – and her whole family – are supernaturally connected, with the job of ferrying the souls of the dead to their just reward.

Soon, Eli is up to the neck in a paranormal power struggle involving Cacy, her family, his sister’s research, and other forces which he knows nothing about. Pursuing a relationship with Cacy, and just staying alive become his primary concerns…

This is an essentially silly book. It’s not trying not to be. However, the sex scenes were pretty hot, and it’s better than a lot of other material coming out lately under the ‘paranormal romance’ umbrella. A quick and entertaining read.

Many thanks to NetGalley and 47North for the opportunity to read. As always, my opinions are solely my own.


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