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Inside Job – Connie Willis ****

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Hilarious little novella based around a paradox:

Can the existence of a disembodied spirit prove that a ‘channeler’ claiming to communicate with spirits is a fraud?

Our protagonist, Rob, is a freelance journalist and professional skeptic. His assistant, Kildy, is a gorgeous and wealthy Hollywood type moonlighting in the field. Rob has a crush on Kildy, but fears she’s far out of his league.

It’s Kildy who’s picked out the latest target for an exposé: The New Age charlatan Ariaura, who channels the spirit ‘Isus’ and sells her adoring audience overpriced swag.
But when Ariaura, mid-lecture, starts spouting shocking and off-script announcements that seems like they could only have come from the mind of the notorious atheist and skeptic H.L. Mencken (deceased), Rob has to worry – is Kildy setting him up?

As expected from Connie Willis, extra-fun.


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