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Tortured Souls : The Legend of Primordium – Clive Barker ***

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I thought this was a new novella by Barker, but it’s not, really. The material here was originally written back in 2001. Each ‘chapter’ of the novella originally accompanied a collectible figure produced by McFarlane Toys.

The story is similar in concept, although I don’t believe it’s directly related, to Clive Barker’s ‘Hellraiser’ series – the characters are just like the Cenobites of those stories, with their sadomasochistically altered flesh and enhanced abilities.

As a story, it’s not bad, but feels a little underdeveloped and choppy, which make sense considering that it basically functioned as 6 ‘introductions’ to each character. In the ancient city of Primordium, a Senator’s daughter encounters the assassin who was hired to kill her beloved father. Filled with a sense of destiny, she co-opts him to her own agenda, and brings him to meet the enigmatic and ancient Agonistes, who will change the flesh and being of his supplicants.

Apparently, there was a planned movie to accompany the concept, but it’s been shelved.


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