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Deep Blue – Jennifer Donnelly *

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Deep Blue
Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

DNF, chapter 4.

I was sucked in by the beautiful cover.

Unfortunately, the mermaids here are nothing more than some catty modern teenagers with some words substituted and some generic ‘fairytale’ elements thrown in.
“Merboys” have “merlfriends” (yes, really) and might “swim with a fast crowd.”
They wear gowns, have “updos” and dye their hair (yes, all underwater.) And above all, apparently, love gossiping. The mer-court seems like a cliquish high school.

The main character is a mer-princess about to be betrothed and rule the realm, but she doesn’t come off as someone raised to wield power at all – instead she’s busy whining at her mother “Why can’t you be a mom instead of a queen” (paraphrase).

At Chapter 4, I’d had enough of it. (And I thought I could perceive a romance on the near-horizon, too.)

One disappointed mermaid fan, here.

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