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Carter & Lovecraft – Jonathan L. Howard ****

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Carter & Lovecraft
Carter & Lovecraft by Jonathan L. Howard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trepidation was my main feeling going into this book, after reading the description. It sounded intriguing, but it also sounded like an awful lot could go wrong, with the Cthulhu Mythos meeting the modern paranormal-investigation/urban fantasy genre.

I’m pleased to report that not only did Jonathan Howard pull it off, this book far exceeded my expectations.

Dan Carter is a private detective in the classic vein, a bit lonely, a bit damaged from his previous experiences on the police force – especially one particular incident involving a serial killer that ended in the death of his partner.

When Carter mysteriously inherits a house in Providence, from a total stranger who is apparently missing and presumed dead, he goes to check out his new property – and investigate. He’s surprised to find that the building isn’t empty. As a matter of fact, it houses a working bookstore, run by an intriguing young black woman who’s the only living descendant of HP Lovecraft.

But soon, strange incidents – and murders – start happening, and it begins to look like Carter’s inheritance may not be just a lucky windfall. Someone may be trying to frame him for something – and it looks like the eldritch tales that Lovecraft wrote might not just’ve been the products of a fevered imagination.

Definitely recommended for those who enjoyed other recent updated homages to Lovecraft and his ilk, such as Amanda Downum’s ‘Dreams of Shreds and Tatters’ and Daryl Gregory’s ‘Harrison Squared.’

Many thanks to Thomas Dunne Books & NetGalley for the opportunity to read. As always, my opinion is solely my own.

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