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Ash and Silver – Carol Berg ****

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Ash and Silver
Ash and Silver by Carol Berg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read “Dust and Light” first, or you’re likely to be just as confused as Lucian is, in this book!

In Ash and Silver, we meet a postulant known only as Greenshank, who’s been in training for some time with the secretive Order of the Equites Cineré – Knights of the Ashes. All of their candidates for knighthood willingly submit to a magical procedure which suppresses all of their memory of personal identity, allowing them to train and make decisions free of their former identity and deeds. For their final confirmation, a knight must decide whether to agree to let that past finally go, continuing on solely as an instrument of justice, or whether to return to their old life, giving up instead all knowledge of the Order.

But Greenshank’s case seems to be a little unusual. Forces from both within and without the Order seem to have some kind of special interest in him. What could be the common link that leads both politically-inclined Registry officials and a lovely, inhuman woman of the Danaë to seek him out? It is revealed to Greenshank that he was once Lucian de Remeni – but, without knowledge of the past, what does that mean? If corruption has infected the Equites Cineré, the missing information is vulnerability rather than freedom.

As always, Carol Berg is excellent.

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