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Obits – Stephen King ****

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Obits by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read as part of the Hugo Voters’ Packet.

I’ve long been of the opinion the King is at his best when writing short stories, and this is a classic example of a King short. Seriously, it could’ve been presented completely anonymously, and anyone would’ve said, “Yeah, definitely by Stephen King.”

A nerdy writer makes a living (barely) writing snarky celebrity obituaries for a gossip website (think Perez Hilton or TMZ). His column is wildly popular, but all he wants is a raise, so he can make enough to finally move out of his parents’ place before he turns 40. But his nasty boss refuses. As a way of getting his angst out of his system, he writes one of his trademark spiteful obits about her.

What happens then is quite a shock to him – but it’s only the beginning.

I really enjoyed this horror story on its own merits, but it’s really not in the appropriate genre for a Hugo award.

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