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Slow Bullets – Alastair Reynolds ****

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Slow Bullets
Slow Bullets by Alastair Reynolds

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read as part of the Hugo Voters’ Packet.
And… I think this one is creeping up past ‘Penric’s Demon’ to get my vote.

A vicious interstellar conflict is coming to an end. A ceasefire has been announced. Unfortunately for one soldier, the enemy who’s captured her is infamous for his brutality, and he couldn’t care less that hostilities are officially over. Scur fully expects to be tortured to death.

Unexpectedly, however, she awakes from coldsleep aboard a transport ship. A panicked crewmember lets her know that it was relocating a full component of mainly war criminals – but that something has gone wrong. They don’t know where they are – or how much time has passed. With brutal ‘dregs’ from both sides of the war awakening to an uncertain situation, chaos is imminent – unless Scur can seize the opportunity and get all the survivors to pull together.

Very nicely done – well-drawn setting, some good plot twists, excellent pacing. The story bears some definite similarities to Sean Danker’s ‘Admiral’ (…) – I’d definitely recommend the one for fans of the other – I liked both.

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