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The Family Plot – Cherie Priest ****

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The Family Plot
The Family Plot by Cherie Priest
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘The Family Plot’ is a by-the-numbers haunted house story – but I loved every minute of it! I also felt this book is a bit of a return-to-form for Cherie Priest. It will likely appeal most to fans of her Eden Moore series.
Dahlia works for the family business, her dad’s architectural salvage company. Times have been tough, but then, what seems like a potential gold mine falls into their lap. Mrs. Withrow, a lady of a certain age, wants her family estate torn down ASAP. But first, she’s selling the rights to salvage anything and everything from the property. Her asking price is less than it ought to be, considering the resale value – but it’s still going to put the business in the red.
And when Dahlia gets to the old mansion to oversee the demolition team, she’s bound to discover that there’s a good reason that old lady Withrow wanted her former home demolished rather than renovated. Chills and eerie happenings are in store, as old secrets are (sometimes literally) unearthed.
My only feeling of ‘iffiness’ about the tale is Dahlia’s mater-of-fact readiness to accept the probability of ghosts. The attitude is, “Well, naturally, I spend a lot of time in old houses, of course there are ghosts – I’ve even seen them before!” On the one hand, I liked the twist to the usual disbelief factor – but on the other hand, it diminished the drama just a bit.
Still, if you’re a fan of haunted-house stories, this is one to not-miss.
Many thanks to Tor and NetGalley for the opportunity to read. As always, my opinion is unaffected by the source.

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