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The Coming Night – Joel Derfner (Tremontaine S2 E10)

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The Coming Night
The Coming Night by Joel Derfner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think my main quibble with this serial continues to be that the different authors really seem to have different ideas of how autistic the character of Micah actually is. In most of the episodes, she seems to be just one step beyond ‘socially awkward,’ but then on occasion it gets a lot more extreme – in a way that serves the plot. And that happens here.

However, there were also parts of this episode that I did particularly like, especially the insights into how Diane is, internally, ducking her sense of personal responsibility for her own horrific actions – while continuing to do yet more horrible things.

Charming as she may be, I would not be sorry to see her finally get her comeuppance!

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