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The Duchess Gambit – Joel Derfner (Tremontaine S2 E7)

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The Duchess Gambit
The Duchess Gambit by Joel Derfner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In which Kaab gets drunk and lets a secret slip to Rafe that she really meant to keep silent on…

Eh, I didn’t actually love the ‘drunken’ scene. The events themselves were believable, but the portrayal almost felt like a broad caricature.

Similarly, I like the idea that Diane would be very good at chess – and not above using that talent as a tool in laying her schemes – but I didn’t think that re-branding the game as “Shesh” was necessary. It would’ve been fine to just say “chess.”

Nevertheless, some key twists here that will clearly affect events to come…

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