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The Heart A Liability – Tessa Gratton (Tremontaine S2 E9)

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The Heart A Liability
The Heart A Liability by Tessa Gratton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another excellent episode, as several plot lines reach climactic moments.

Kaab finally tracks down where the information that’s been allowing thieves to steal from her family might have leaked from – but her triumph is destined to be short-lived, as other conflicts come back to roost.

The swordsman Vincent meets the Ambassador from Chartil, and more secrets regarding their past relationship are revealed.

And time is running out for Duchess Tremontaine, as a man who repulses her tries to angle her into a marriage she does not want in return for the power she does…

Finally… there’s another cliffhanger! But, this series is really getting good!

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