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*** Everything That Isn’t Winter – Margaret Killjoy

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Everything That Isn't Winter
Everything That Isn’t Winter by Margaret Killjoy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story felt like an episode of The Walking Dead; it had very similar dynamics.

In a post-collapse world, a group of people have managed to survive by creating and running a cooperative tea plantation. But when they’re attacked by a vicious group with heavy artillery, they may be outnumbered, outgunned, and out of options.
However, our narrator, Aiden and her friend Bartley, the commune’s two lookouts, have a bold and desperate plan to save them.

As in TWD, there’s plenty of post-apocalyptic action, but the main focus is on interpersonal relationships and characters’ inner strengths. In general, that’s something I’m in favor of, but in this case, I didn’t find myself really caring about Aiden’s lackluster relationship with her boyfriend.

Still, this wasn’t bad. I’d read more by the author. The politics, while present, never overwhelmed the story, and the characters were nicely drawn.

[Only because it appeared no less than 3x… It’s ordnance. It’s not ordinance. Those are different words.]

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