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Review: City of Miracles

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City of Miracles
City of Miracles by Robert Jackson Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars for all 3 entries into this trilogy. Really, this story is just so good. Complex, believable characters that the reader really cares about, great plotting, and a wonderful balance between small yet heartbreaking details and dramatic, world-shattering events – in a consistently interesting, surprising world. Everything I want from my fantasy adventure!

This story begins 20 years after the events of City of Blades. The Viking-berserker-esque Sigrud has been in hiding for all those years, staying under the radar, evading authorities, and hoping that someday the former Prime Minister Shara will use her influence to clear his name and summon him back to her side. His hopes turn out to be in vain when the news reaches him at the camp where he’s working as a lumberjack that Shara has been killed in a terrorist attack.

With nothing left to lose, Sigrud heads back to the city, regardless of all its dangers, to find out who killed the person he cared most about in this world, and to seek revenge. The plot he uncovers is not as straightforward as he expected; and much has changed during his reclusive years. Unexpectedly, Sigrud discovers he might have a cause and a reason worth staying alive for – at least for now.

Highly, highly recommended. But start with “City of Stairs” to give yourself a chance to be sucked into the history of this world and to fall in love with its people.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Crown for the opportunity to read. As always, my opinions are unaffected by the source of the book.

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