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Review: Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 115

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Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 115
Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 115 by Neil Clarke
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

**** Carolyn Ives Gilman – Touring With the Alien

A bit of a different twist on the alien invasion story. It reminded me in more than one aspect of Tade Thompson’s ‘Rosewater,’ (…) which was also recently published. I guess it’s the zeitgeist…
Here, after ‘touching down’ in impenetrable domes, the aliens send out seemingly-human ‘translators,’ possibly abductees. One of those, through the FBI (?), hires a long-haul trucker used to unusual jobs, to fulfill the alien’s request – to go on a tour of the country. Due to her close proximity, the trucker soon knows more about the aliens than anyone else on earth. But what she really learns is more about what it means to be human.

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