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Review: Dragon Brides

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Dragon Brides
Dragon Brides by Nghi Vo
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Long ago, as a maiden, a kidnapped girl was rescued from a dragon’s lair by a bold warrior. Of course, she married the dragonslayer, and resided in a hall with the slain dragon’s stuffed head mounted above the dining table. Now, four decades later, she goes on a lone pilgrimage back to the lair, full of the memories of her youth and of the dragon’s other ‘victims.’

I liked the setup, but didn’t think that the execution was wholly successful. I wanted a bit more of the woman’s feelings, perceptions and motivations. The ending really came out of left field, to the extent that it felt jarring.

Also, this may seem petty, but if one is going to write about dragons, one should really double-check the difference between ‘hoard’ and ‘horde.’

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