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Review: Lightspeed Magazine, January 2016

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Lightspeed Magazine, January 2016
Lightspeed Magazine, January 2016 by John Joseph Adams
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

**** Secondhand Bodies – JY Yang
Sci-fi horror.
Medical science has progressed a lot, in this future. All kinds of ailments can be cured, or at least ameliorated. But our main character, no matter what she does, ends up with a body that just keeps getting a bit pudgy. It’s in her DNA. The solution, she believes, is to turn to an illegal body swap. Luckily, her cousin knows just the doctor.
A complication arises though, when she sees the client who’s willing to pay for her body. She’s instantly smitten with the gorgeous woman…
The way things progress is interesting – and awful. The true horror here is not the technology – or even the misuse of technology – but the terrible, callous cruelty of humans.
Well done.

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