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Review: The Plague Givers

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The Plague Givers
The Plague Givers by Kameron Hurley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great story!
Nice, intricate plotting; well-rounded, interesting characters, and a background full of tantalizing (also, weird and gross) details. I love the feeling that this individual story is taking place in a well-developed, complete world, replete with history and social complexities.

Bet’s reputation as a Plague Hunter is legendary, but she’s retired; living as a hermit in a swamp. As the story opens, she receives two unwelcome visitors who introduce themselves as part of the new generation of Plague Hunters; recent graduates of Contagion College. They need her expertise and experience to help them face a dire threat – a threat related to the one Bet believed she had eliminated long years ago.

Duplicity, betrayal, and bold deeds will follow…

I’d love to read more set in this world…

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